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    3 Effective Ways to Overcome Itchy and Watery Eye Diseases

    3 Effective Ways to Overcome Itchy and Watery Eye Diseases

    Tears are produced to moisturize the eyes and cleanse foreign objects from the surface. However, if the eyes continue to runny with itching to interfere with the activity, then it must be addressed immediately. Below is a powerful way to overcome itchy and runny eye diseases.

    1. Eye Drops

    One of the causes of itchy and runny eyes is dry eyes, allergies, and exposure to bacteria / viruses. There are dangerous itchy and watery eye diseases such as the possibility of tumors and chronic sinusitis, but some are less dangerous like visitivitis.

    Examples of conjunctivitis such as itchy and watery eyes due to the use of contact lenses that are less clean, exposure to cosmetics, cigarette smoke, or chlorine when swimming.

    How to treat itchy and runny eye diseases naturally can use milk, green tea, and boiled betel leaf water. Eye medications sold on the market should be used at the doctor’s recommended dosage so that there are no side effects.

    1. Compress Eyes

    In addition to eye drops, mataampuh compresses to treat itchy and runny eyes due to allergies. Itching can be reduced by attaching compresses to the eyes with a soft cloth that is squeezed after dipping in cold water for 20 minutes. For optimal results, this method should be done while sleeping.

    1. Taking medicine

    Even though the effect is not directly felt, consumption of anti-histamine drugs can be tried. Some of them are loratadine, fexofenadine, and benadryl.

    1. Washing your hands and not rubbing your eyes

    Reducing or avoiding things that cause allergies is a powerful way to prevent red and itchy eye diseases from appearing again. Some people have very sensitive eyes so that dust, animal hair and pollen can make the eyes itchy and runny.

    Avoid rubbing your eyes because they stimulate them to produce histamine and cause itching to get worse. Try to maintain cleanliness by washing your hands regularly so that dirt on your hands does not contaminate the eyes.

    If the complaints of itchy and runny eyes do not heal, then you should check your eyes at the SMEC Eye Hospital. Health BPJS patients who want to check their eye health will be handled by the Medan SMEC ophthalmologist team, even if the patient must be operated on. For those of you who live outside Medan, SMEC is also spread in cities in Indonesia. Look for the nearest SMEC Eye Hospital athere.

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