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    Gadget Intensity Makes Kids Wear Glasses

    Gadget Intensity Makes Kids Wear Glasses

    JAKARTA – The influence of a modern lifestyle is not always positive, as is the light intensitygadget that affects eye health .

    Through the Indonesian family eye specialist clinic, SMEC Group launched the Yuk Eye Check program! in Jakarta, creating awareness of the importance of early eye examinations for the people of Jakarta because of the impact of modern lifestyle influences such as thegadget on eye health.

    “Because of the modern lifestyle that is increasingly endangering the eyes, due to the use of technology tools continuously, ” said Chief Executive Officer of SMEC Group, Imsyah Satari, at the 2014 Talk Show commemorating World Sight Day in Jakarta, Thursday (10/16/2014) .

    Furthermore, D. A. N Candra Sari added, as a living generation in this modern era, children have been introduced to a variety ofgadgets and technology at an early age.


    “Their generation tends to have more eyes exposed to the intensity of light exposure, so we often find early childhood using glasses, ” he said.

    Candra stressed that the eye is a vital organ, so I appealed to the public and mothers to get their eyes checked early.

    “Most cases of children that I handle are myopia because they use the gadget too much, ” he added.

    Meanwhile, Ikhsan Revino from SMEC explained, eyes are always used to see gadgets like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    “For a long time and without rest, Asthenopia (tired eyes) can cause the pupils to react slowly to light because they have been exposed to excessive light and the severe impact can cause astigmatism, ” he explained.

    source: sindonews.com

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