The retina is a thin layer located on the back of the eyeball, and is the part that converts light into nerve signals. Some eye conditions that are closely related to the retina are tearing of the retina and the secondary effects of other diseases such as diabetes. If you have symptoms of decreased vision caused by retinal disorders such as black spots, visible objects floating, flashes of light and sharpness of vision decreases, then patients should immediately come to see their eyes with a Sub-Specialist doctor Vitreoretina.

Laser Therapy Center

Laser Fotodisruption/YAG Laser
YAG Laser is a laser device that functions to cleanse PCO (Posterior Capsule Opacification) or commonly called Secondary Cataract after cataract surgery.

Laser Fotocoagulation/Laser RetinaLaser fotocoagulation is a laser device that serves to strengthen the retinal nerve part.